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Welcome Little Farmers!
Little Farmers
Little Farmers

Log On:     Making the wood stove hotter.
Log Off:     Don't add wood.
Monitor:     Keep an eye on the wood stove.
Download:     Getting the firewood off the pickup.
Mega Hertz:     When you're not careful downloading (watch the toes!)
RAM:     The hydraulic thingy that makes the woodsplitter work.
Hard Drive:     Getting home in mud season.
Chip:     What to munch on.
Micro Chip:     What's left in the bag when the chips are gone.
Modem:     What you did to the hay fields.
Lap Top:     Where little kids feel comfy.
Software:     Plastic eating utensils.
Mouse:     What eats the horses' grain in the barn.
Enter:     C'mon in!


The age of a cow can be determined by counting the rings on its horns.

TRUE?     (or)     FALSE?

answer: TRUE

The CAR COW GAME (on your trip to Little Farm Resort)

Break up into two teams. One team takes the right side of the road, the other takes the left side of the road. Each team keeps a count of all the cows on their side of the road that they pass throughout the day, a period of time or a certain number of miles. You choose. But every time your team passes a cemetery on your side of the road, you lose all your points and have to start over.

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Kids, Click here for our LITTLE FARMERS page!
Click here for our Activity Calendar.

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